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Freq has been online in various forms since April 1998; this iteration has been around as of 2010, with an archive of older material available — see below.

Please scroll down and on for the most recent reviews; see also the archives index for 1998-2009 below while there is also an A-Z index of everything posted so far.

The bulk of the record reviews 1998-2008 are in the following pages — as time allows they are being converted to the newer, searchable format:
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Esmark – Māra I / Māra II

Bureau B

Esmark - Ma̅ra ISound architect Nikolai von Sallwitz and experimental artist Alsen Rau have been collaborating on various projects for the last fifteen years or so and for this mysterious duo of albums, the ever-reliable Bureau B have been chosen to release them. This time around, the duo have chosen the name Esmark under which to trade

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Boris – Dear

Sargent House

Boris - DearBoris. Boris are a hard band to describe, other than in purely factual terms — like “there’s three of them and they’re from Japan”. Which doesn’t really cut it.

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Brutter – Reveal And Rise


Brutter - Reveal And Rise

Of the three recent Hubro releases that have come across my path, this Brutter album is the one that perhaps pushes experimentation with rhythm to its optimum limits.

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Pikacyu★Makoto – Galaxilympics

Upset The Rhythm

Pikacyu*Makoto - GalaxilympicsAfter being seriously impressed with a fantastically rhythmic and propulsive live set by the dynamic duo courtesy of the very lovely people at Upset The Rhythm

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Agitation Free – Last, Fragments and Live ’74


Agitation Free - Last, Fragments and Live '74Agitation Free is not the most mentioned band when I think about early krautrock, space rock or progressive music. I knew the name, but had yet to get a grip of what they put out, and how they sounded. So getting this box of lots of old stuff I never heard before was something I was very much excited about.

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Devil’s Domain

Cleopatra Entertainment

Devil's DomainDisney‘s Beauty And The Beast famously likes to call itself “a tale as old as time”, but traditional though a young girl marrying a lion may be in the circles YOU move in, I’d argue an older tale was that eternal staple of the cautionary tale, the tale of the Devil’s bargain.

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Impuritan – Altered Statues

Distant Spore

Impuritan - Altered StatuesAfter luxuriating in the carnival like atmosphere of 2014’s full length Make It Look Like Nothing Happened and the head spinning smorgasbord of 2016’s Everything Is Magick, nobody could really second guess Impuritan‘s next move. The colours and textures employed in the previous releases made them a fantastic new discovery and I was intrigued to see what the next step would be.

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Mia Zabelka – Cellular Resonance


Mia Zabelka - Cellular ResonanceAfter the excellent atmospherics of Medusa’s Bed, Ms Lunch returns, this time on the other side of the mixing desk for her second excursion with violinist and noise-maker Mia Zabelka. The mistress of the strands, Lydia’s pulling this baby round as producer and joint composer

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Jo Berger Myhre and Ólafur Björn Ólafsson – The Third Script


Jo Berger Myhre and Ólafur Björn Ólafsson - The Third Script

In comparison to the light wash of our reality that accompanied the Håkon Stene and Kristine Tjøgersen‘s recent album for Hubro, The Third Script combines the talents of Norwegian bassist Jo Berger Myhre and Icelandic drummer Olafur Bjorn Olafsson and spends time constructing an alternate reality, something which takes reference from its place of recording but then pushes it into new realms.

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I am not wearing sunglasses as much any more – an interview with Robert Sotelo

Robert SoteloAhead of the launch of Robert Sotelo‘s début album, Cusp, Iotar interviewed Sotelo while he was in Buenos Aires from his new abode in Graz, Austria. They talked about the drift away from a London-centred culture, the glorious meaninglessness of great pop and much more that is pertinent.

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The Fall – New Facts Emerge

Cherry Red

The Fall - New Facts EmergeAnd with the coming of the seasons, lo a new Fall album. As ever, bastards to write about. You’ve probably established some sort of perspective on The Fall and, as I’m in my twentieth year of being a bit unwell about The Fall, I’m fairly sure that perspective is wrong.

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Amplifier – Trippin’ With Dr Faustus


Amplifier - Trippin’ With Dr FaustusIt’s always interesting to hear a band you have not heard of before, especially when the words “space rock” and “prog rock” are being attached to their name and they are getting a lot of press attention. So I slipped my disc into the player and was prepared to take a trip in to the outer reaches.

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Håkon Stene and Kristine Tjøgersen – Michael Pisaro: Asleep, Street, Pipes, Tones


Håkon Stene and Kristine Tjøgersen - Michael Pisaro: Asleep, Street, Pipes, TonesSince 2009, the good people at Hubro have been diligently documenting the expanding Norwegian music scene that encapsulates jazz, improv, minimalism and whatever else lurks in the mysterious frozen spaces of that fascinating country.

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Robert Aiki Aubrey Lowe ‎- Two Orb Reel

More Than Human

Robert Aiki Aubrey Lowe ‎- Two Orb ReelRobert Aiki Aubrey Lowe conjures some extraordinary shapes here, a tangle of strange and mystical hieroglyphics that tingle, zone you elsewhere. Nothing lingers too long, everything remains elusive, dissipated on fractured suggestion, the timbre itch of random voltages painting strange immersive mirages inside your skull.

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Adore Delano – Whatever

Adore Delano

Adore Delano - WhateverAdore Delano‘s third studio album is finally the record that we’ve all been expecting from the punk rock princess of season 6 of RuPaul’s Drag Race. Her first two albums, Till Death Do Us Party (2014) and After Party (2016) topped dance charts and are played all across the world.

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