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Badawi – Final Warning

Label: Asphodel Format: 12″

Sub Dub‘s percussionist Raz Mesinai manifests here in his Bedouin guise, deplying five tracks showcasing his cultural heritage through a New York filter. “Final Warning” has a persuasively swaying main drum loop, topped with stretched ululations and sirens which lend a hallucinatory character to the cross-pollinated groove, while “Do We Belong” shows that bagpipes are not a purely Celtic invention. Badawi mixes pipes, chants and depth-charge dub bass expansion on “Bedouin Raid,” which is as energetic as the title indicates, while Simmie Sernaker‘s haunting violin drones and scrapes combine with the low-end rumble and swirling drum rhythms of “Yashar” to provide the EP’s highlight, a glorious combination of ancient and modern trance techniques.

The dark edge which haunts this EP separates the mood

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To Rococo Rot – She Understands the Dynamics

Label: Fat Cat Format: 12″

Supremely mellow, fascinatingly layered micro-dubs from a country (Germany) teeming with super-proficient Electronica. Ripples, pulses, flows and then grows. Crackles, lo-fi sound sources and bass bleeps celeverly arranged to produce an all-suffusing glow of satisfying serenity, without descent into Ambient earwash. Why don’t record players have repeat buttons?


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