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Various- A Tribute to Spacemen 3

Label: Rocketgirl Format: CD,2LP

Various- A Tribute to Spacemen 3Now that Spacemen 3 have joined the pantheon of those influential enough to have had a wide impact on a broad variety of other bands sufficient to inspire their collection into an album’s worth of covers, perhaps there’ll be a flood of homages to late Eighties groups to follow those of the Seventies. Despite the inherent tendency towards pot-luck assortments in such endeavours, at least given the variety of artists worthwhile in their own right who usually get involved, there are bound to be some gems (provided the band being covered were of interest in the first place….). Therefore A Tribute to Spacemen 3 should have some fine tracks, and fortunately this turns out to be the case.

Following the

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Diamanda Galás – Malediction & Prayer

Label: Mute Format: CD

Diamanda Galás - Malediction and PrayerThere’s no doubting Diamanda Galás’ intensity, integrity or innovation; more than anyone else, she not only bridged the underground-overground divide while such tactics were still relevant, but has created some truly spell-binding works of lasting impact on the subject of AIDS in Plague Mass. Malediction and Prayer is a record of her global performances in 1996-7, showcasing her dynamic range to full effect through a series of interpretations of songs previously rendered by (among others) Johnny Cash, The Supremes and BB King, as well as the poetry of Baudelaire, Pasolini and Salvadorean revolutionary Miguel Mixco.

Covering her usual subject areas of pain, death, salvation and redemption, the twelve songs selected for the CD reveal Galás’ remarkable voice

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Fridge/M.A.S.S. (live at the Kosmische Club)

Kosmische/The Sausage Machine The Vibe Bar, London 11 June 1998

I was foned on Wednesday night by Iain, a friend who I hadn’t heard from for a little while. He asked if I liked Fridge. I asked whether he meant my fridge or whether I was merely well disposed towards refrigerators in general. He told me that they were playing Thursday night in Brick Lane and thought I might like them.

This was how, after an eleven hour day at work, I ended up in the up and coming East End of London in the hip lounge of the Vibe Bar. The wooden floored chamber with a bar area and large sofas (all occupied by the beautiful people) was lit by many long-necked spot-lights hanging from the ceiling. A video-mixing set-up (Curious Yellow) projected a clash of video and computerized imagery onto a screen behind a low stage. The video-projector

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Fridge – Kinoshita Teraska

Label: Go Beat Format: CDS,12″

Fridge - Kinoshita TeraskaHaving set up their own studio with all the creative freedom that allows, Fridge seem to be heading outwards further from their alleged post-Rock roots into the realms of cluttered Electronica, and as with Kieran Hebden‘s side project Four Tet their HipHop, jazz and even easy tendencies have more room to breathe. Kinoshita Teraska is split into two tracks, each having half the name, and while the move from four-track recording can make for improved sound quality, there’s always the danger that the temptation tung use the available technology for it’s own sake will kick in.

“Kinoshita” is a groovy little number, shortish but quite direct – it’s the slower, extended build-up of “Teraska” which shows the interplay of the band off to better advantage, as

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