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Tarwater – Silur

Label: Kitty-Yo Format: CD

Tarwater - SilurStill led on a wayward course by the softly-spoken vocals of Roland Lippok, Tarwater continue their elegantly wastrel progress deeper into the realm of something which draws variously from Trip Hop, electronica and metaphysical poetry. The beats may be a mix of the live and sampled; the sundry noises, blips and snatches of conversation much in line with the times; what keeps it all together is the precise construction of Lippok and Bernd Jestram‘s compositions.

Technical merit aside, the atmosphere which builds from the opening virtual dropping of needle to scratchy groove is a mixture of wonder at the entropic nature of reality, and the infinite possibilities offered by the restriction this implies. Flowing across a soundscape of carefully-selected, downtempo

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Mark Stewart – Consumed: The Remix Wars

Label: Mute Format: CDS, 12″

Mark Stewart - Consumed: The Remix WarsHow to make a remix EP, 1998-style: take a track from your last album (Control Data, in this case). Process in a variety of styles by Ultraviolence (Gabba, twice), No-U Turn (Drum & Bass) and, last but not least (apart from the original mix, naturally), current king of the version and the rewind, Alec Empire (er… JungleGabbaTechnoHipHop).

Guaranteed to break the eardrums at parties, and rather fitting as far as Mark Stewart’s paranoiac rants are concerned. By the way, this is not a criticism — what with paranoids being the only ones who know what’s really going on and so forth — there’s no such thing as an excess of curmudgeonly attacks on consumer society, after all.


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Faust – Faust In Japan

Label: Klangbad Format: VHS

Faust In JapanRecorded (oddly enough) during Faust‘s most recent visit to Japan, this video, despite its brevity at only two pieces with a total length of around eighteen minutes, also gives a good impression of the whole live experience of the band as it now exists. The hulking figure of Zappi Deirmaier, bashing away as the powerhouse of the group on his extensive range of percussion; Joachim Irmler seated at the banked controls of his electric organ; a concrete mixer churning contentedly to itself while the band explode in several directions…

While the music itself is representative enough of the improvised, primal Rock which Faust currently summon from the more unlikely reaches of musique concrète and free noise, the production of the video itself fits wholly into the

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