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Damo Suzuki Band – Vernissage

Label: D.N.W. Format: CD

Damo Suzuki Band - VernissageDespite being recorded live in Austria in January 1990, Vernissage has only just now received a release through Damo Suzuki‘s own record label (incidentally packaged in a neat gatefold corrugated card sleeve, for those who care). Perhaps ominously, it precedes a threatened seven-CD set of live recordings from 1986-90, though judging by this disc and the recent live tour, it may still be more of a burden on the finances than on the ears.

Joined by Can partner Jaki Liebezeit and Matthias Keul and Dominik von Senger of Guru Guru, Damo fronts a group which, while stirring up many good grooves, somehow fails to ignite the way they probably could. Maybe it’s his vocal style, which here is more coherent than the days when Damo

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The Legendary Pink Dots/Edward Ka-Spel/Twilight Circus (live)

The Metro, Chicago 11 November 1998

There I was, freezing my proverbials off outside the Metro club here in da windy city. My cigarette was burning ridiculously quickly as the icy north breezes fanned it and made me all annoyed… but say la vie (as the French c’est). I was waiting in line to see a line up which included – in order of appearance – Twilight Circus of Dub (i.e. Legendary Pink Dots’ percussion and bass man), The Edward Ka-Spel Psychedelic Orchestra (i.e. Pink Dots front man and synth driver) and The Legendary Pink Dots (no surprises there then).

The manic chappie Ryan Moore who makes up the TCOD whirled dervishly round the stage like… something or other… Oh, I know! A whirling dervish. He commanded us to “Relax” and played Theremin at us whilst deep bass noises emanated from the sound system. Then, wrapping feather boas round several

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The Third Eye Foundation – You Guys Kill Me

Label: Domino Format: CD,LP

The Third Eye Foundation – You Guys Kill Me There’s been a slow evolution of the Third Eye Foundation sound going on for quite a while, as the feedback sculptures and harsh breakbeats of previous releases give way to a more accomplished digital sound. No less committed to the darker, eerie drones and clattery loops than before, You Guys Kill Me retains the edgy feel of releases like the unsettling Ghost album, but with added depth and a refined feel for the possibilities of mixer and sampler. The backwards breaks and intensely unnerving cries of “For All the Brothers And Sisters” are a case in point, scattering hyperspeed snare rolls around a cluster of feral yawls, it’s like a batch of very combative cats have gathered to scratch some serious ass, and there are further (though note

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To Rococo Rot/The Third Eye Foundation (live)

Po Na Na’s, London 2nd November 1998

Po Na Na’s is a bit of a new venue in London, emerging from underneath a pub on the increasingly busy (musically as well as with traffic) Highbury Corner, and decorated in a faux-Moroccan style which actually suits the sounds emerging from The Third Eye Foundation‘s DAT player and mixer quite nicely. Matt Elliot tweaks levels and twiddles knobs to suit the unfavourable acoustics, setting out a stream of juddering Drum & Bass breaks overlaid with increasingly unsettling noises. These range from the (by now, Elliot himself having done much to establish the form) conventionally drilling screams to unnerving looped moans, reaching a peak with the Eastern flavour on the still-powerful “Semtex” before its transition into the loping Latin version “Galaxy of Scars,” Elliot hunched over his console as the audience steadfastly refuses to dance in the face of his increasingly rolling breaks.

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