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Don Caballero – Singles Breaking Up (Volume One)

Label: Touch & Go Format: CD,LP

Don Caballero - Singles Breaking Up (Volume One)Don Caballero are part of the recent contemporary phenomenon of American men with big guitars, no vocals and, thankfully, a sense of humour. Much of their musoid noodling would have been tarred with the Progressive brush in halcyon eras of wide trousers, big hair and expansive stage concepts but what Don Cab bring to the boot fair is their own brand of metal intensity, offbeat free association rhythming and pyrotechnic dynamics.

This compilation Singles Breaking Up (Vol.1) (threatening a second volume?) collects together their singles throughout the Nineties from when the band were trying to secure a record contract by channelling their skewed compositions through grunge generics. For all the desperate cynicism this may suggest, it is nigh on

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