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The Tape-beatles – Synthety No. 5: Good Times

Label: Staalplaat Format: CD

Good Times - sleeve detailStepping to an appropriately martial, mechano-deconstructed beat, The Tape-beatlesGood Times weaves a mix of political speech snippets, training-film educational banalities delivered with the wooden certitude of a rigid economic concentration on accumulation of capital and the promotion of that greatest lie of all, free-market competition, into a sometimes thumping orchestral soundscape. Delay is the key, as fragments of a cultural canon splinters in the guts of the very technology capitalism worships above all else. Electronics turned back on the blind idiot money men who fund their developers – it has a nice ring of just desserts to it.

How much of this is going to affect anyone not already disenchanted (to say the least) with the way things work in the allegedly developed economic systems of globalisation is debatable. However, The Tape-beatles have thought of

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