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Michael Rother & Dieter Moebius/Dead Voices On Air (live)

The Underworld, London 28th January 2000

Dead Voices On Air are conducting a bit of an experiment on the London leg of their tour, starting off loud, noisy and danceable and trailing down into ambient passages of extended mood workouts. Mark Spybey and Darren Phillips man the keyboards, sequencers, samplers, digital technology; Darryl Neudorf is behind a bare drumkit (complete with fluffy liner on one drum). So they kick off into a post-Industrial Dance groove, and instantly several key signifiers make links to everyone from Coil (arpeggiating keyboard weirdnesses, atmosphere), Psychic TV (the stripped analogue beats, the moments of ecstatic upness) and of course fellow Vancouverians and fellow-travellers Download (that digital Techno-noise, the earnest need for cathartic harshness). Largely instrumental, the only moment of vocal outpouring comes during a heavy-skanking Techno Dub, when the words “I hate who you are” become the mantra of the minute and the atmosphere becomes

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Various Artists – Flesh Records Presents

Label: Flesh Format: LP

Flesh Records Presents...- sleeve detailThis record is to House music what Digital Hardcore is to breakbeat Hardcore. Flesh Records describe themselves as taking “great delight in unveiling the stenched schematics of a long imprisoned beast.” And this is just what they have done. This is dirty and nasty music that comes in some of the most rotten, unstable, and schizophrenic forms imaginable. Moments of nice funk are brutalised with excessive bass distortion. This isn’t a pretty record, but corpses seldom are.

That aside, Flesh Records Presents is a collection of their up and coming releases. It features Cain 777, Zongamin, Sonovac, The Perversions and a whole host of others. You probably wont be hearing the decayed offerings of Flesh in your local night club, unless your local night club happens to be on Elm Street.



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