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Not Breathing/Instagon/AA23 (live)

Club Mesa Costa Mesa, California 19th December 2000

AA23 opened the night, and I thought they had some really, REALLY nice moments. but things did seem a bit sloppy and loose at points – especially with the excessive scratching (which when ON – was wonderful.. but less is more when it comes to scratching). The set was MUCH more active than when they opened for Sol Invictus of all people; and to be honest, I like the minimal, more bleepy side a bit more (I guess comparisons could be made to someone like Ultra Red when I talk of the more “minimal side). Whatever, it was good, and my ears were quite happy.

Next was Instagon, continuing onstage with members of aa23 .. which added a nice flow to the evening. For those who do not know, Instagon is a project from Orange County that started some years ago as

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The Young Gods and guests (live)

15th Anniversary Show Queen Elizabeth Hall, South Bank Centre, London 4th December 2000

As usual, I arrived at this show in a rush, a little late and with no idea of what to expect. Straight into complete darkness and tracked by lovely ambient sounds and an over-zealous usher trying to get me to take any seat as there were plenty available and filming was going on, so wandering about finding my assigned one was not desirable. Spacey, pretty, and drawn out, the atmospheric lilting of synths soothed me out of my disoriented fast pace while my eyes adjusted and took in the stage. Two banks of gear set up, one each on the right and left of the stage, engineered by non-descript-seeming men from The Young Gods under well-focussed spot lights provided this hypnotic ease and I settled in.

A lecture followed given by anthropologist Jeremy Narby concerning the similarities

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Sorrow/David Tibet (live)

The Underworld, London 2nd December 2000

What was supposed to be a World Serpent presents show with Sol Invictus, Sorrow, and Ostara turned out to be a lot less/more, depending on how you look at it. Due to illness, Tony Wakeford and Sol Invictus were forced to cancel, and due to lateness(my own), I missed seeing Ostara. I did arrive in time to catch the end of a set by some man called Joe, who I have yet to identify. His acoustic guitar and John Denver-ish lyrics seemed really very out of place and I wondered if it was someone’s idea of a fun joke to play on the black-clad, maquiage extrodinaire who had obviously come in search of the dark sonics which help mainline World Serpent.

To the pleasant shock of everybody, this guy Joe was suddenly joined onstage by none other than David Tibet and Michael Cashmore, and

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