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Consolidated Lint/Vertonen/Coeurl (live)

Beyond Baroque, Venice, California 29 June 2001

(15 in attendance)

Consolidated Lint

Guitar, Pro One and toy spun over the head of the person furthest right. Pitch shifts and the bowing starts. Chattering, like automotive idling, wells up and fills the room. Much bowing, and it’s as if the doors in a thousand old homes shutter and slide, hinging and whinging, open and shut. Now, the spinning metal implement pulls tones from the amplified boxing gloves (a thumb piano, quite literally). Much checking of levels and adjusting of dials.

It’s as if one is falling down a very long pipe and these are the sounds all around, above and below.


An echoed scraping and various high pitches, very high, quite near the speech of a mouse. Rods are inserted and bowed. It echoes and aches – pebble thrown down and ravine and down and down and down. Pools of

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Badawi – Soldier Of Midian

Label: ROIR Format: CD,LP

Soldier Of Midian - sleeve detailRaz Mesinai‘s fourth album as Badawi soon kicks into the urgent strains of “Evocation”, a piece in the same frenetic style of his earlier Final Warning EP on Asphodel, riding on the clink of bells, the rumble and rhythm of the self-sampled and realtime Middle Eastern instrumentation of his Jerusalem background. Inflected with the dry shimmer of the Sinai Desert occasionally leavened with the ripe underlying throb of Jamaican Dub several times removed in the New York style, Soldier Of Midian qualifies with utmost dignity as world music.

The chimes and stroked cups, bells, string thrums and rising percussive unwinding of “I Will Follow The Storm” signals a reigning in and onward expansion of the album; here the dynamics build into the distorted spasms of “Stampede” and the onward rush towards the suitably exhausting “Dehydration”

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Khan (live at the Kosmische Club)

Kosmische Upstairs @ The Garage, London 23 June 2001

I‘d never heard of Khan (aka Can Oral) before hearing about this gig a few weeks back, but his odd background (Finnish mother, Turkish father, grew up in Germany) and his array of current collaborators (Kid Congo Powers, Diamanda Galas, Julee Cruise, Hanin Elias and Jon Spencer, among others) certainly grabbed my attention. Hitching back from Avebury on the 23rd, after three blissful days of rural loafing, I was in two minds about whether I wanted to dive straight into a small sweaty club, but dive I did.

I quickly remembered that, in most cases, I love plunging straight into city chaos immediately on returning from travels. There’s a balance just between Culture Shock and Surrealism that hits the spot. No one I knew could make the night, so I made it to The Garage, parked myself on my rucksack, reeled

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Various – Flesh On The Floor Volume 1

Label: Flesh Format: 12″

Flesh On The Floor Vol. 1 - disc label detailFlesh Records take on the dancefloor with their blend of extended electro-techno-gothic, neatly introduced by the throbbing smash-to-be of ST AP 00‘s “Mr GD”, in which someone with a very keen enthusiasm for David Bowie describes a sinister encounter of the less than savoury narrator with the little old Mr Gravedigger. All this is set to a pounding dance track with some seriously groovy beats underneath to the brassy echoes of Yello and some foregrounded synth-cymbal smashes and rewinds for hands in the air effect – only these hands are probably groping from the grave, á la Italian Giallo film posters of the Seventies. This is a blindingly good track; redolent with rhythmic dynamics and a foggy atmosphere which could only be enhanced by massive great gouts of smoke on a

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Vincent Clarke and Martyn Ware – Spectrum Pursuit Vehicle

Label: Mute Format: CD

Vincent Clarke and Martyn Ware – Spectrum Pursuit VehicleVince Clarke of Erasure and Martyn Ware of Heaven 17 could not be further from their ’80s adventures than they are here on this new venture. A gentle countdown leads into very soft Ambient electronics just short of sounding New Age. The tracks are named after colours they represent and the CD is a recording of a whole event featuring colour spectrum experimentalism. Listening to the harpic spinning tones, colours are easily imagined even without the visual show and the piece as a whole is deliciously relaxing, calming, soothing. A colour wheel behind closed eyes is an accessilbe mental image, rotating pastels, swirling cloudlike whites. There are apparently very innovative technologies used to produce all this

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Icebreaker International/Appliance (live)

Icebreaker International @ The SpitzThe Spitz, London 7 June 2001 ApplianceThe Spitz tends to look different every time I go there. Tonight it is a late arrival just in time to see Appliance play their version of Krautrock-inspired Electronica. Projections on small screens around the room show Rand McNally maps of the Great Lakes areas of the US, Chicago Art Institute-like photos of fall/winter nature scenes, and stage backdrop of goldfish tank. Appliance seem to have a healthy loyal following here for support. The bloke on vocals has a nice singing voice and they range their own way into sounding a bit Jesus & Mary Chain; fuzzy, lightly motor-ish, but on the whole, uninspiring. I have got to face the million flight walk downstairs to the loo before Icebreaker International, which is not the easiest task,

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Acid Mothers Temple/Southall Riot (live at the Kosmische Club)

Acid Mothers TempleKosmische @ The Garage, London 31 May 2001

Acid Mothers TempleBeware all snow leopards; indeed all mammals were at risk of having their asses rocked Thursday at the Kosmische Club‘s presentation of Acid Mothers Temple. Once Southall Riot was done with their opening imitation of all that was Krautrock in a Nineties sort of style, all three chord-led and droney – and most of which I missed – Acid Mothers Temple strolled on, lit up and rawked out. An enthusiastic audience had to have been relieved by the breathing space afforded by the last minute manoeuvre to downstairs at The Garage, knowing that Upstairs would never have accommodated the sweating, grooving, smoking crowd, much less the band’s hair. You would never want to invite this group over for showers, unless your idea of fun is gathering hairballs from the drain,

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