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Antenna Farm & Main – AF_M

Label: Brombron Format: CD

Edited down from a week’s recording in and around Extrapool studio in Nijmegen, Holland by Antenna Farm and Main in the summer of 2000, AF_M is the first in the Brombron series of collaborations initiated by Staalplaat and Extrapool. Using laptops, guitars, environmental and close-miked recordings and the studio itself, the five untitled tracks were improvised then later whittled down in strict order of recording without extra processing. This real-time production gives some sense of immediacy to proceedings, and provides a solid and essentially straightforward conceptual base to the CD.

There is a certain sonic purity to taking the crackles, crunches and hums of objects isolated from their acoustic setting and placing them in conjunction with sound sources either more usually regarded as instruments (guitars) or tools (computers). The percussive patter of applied contact with microphones; the audible

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Björk – Vespertine

Label: One Little Indian Format: CD

Vespertine - sleeve If, at any point in the last six or seven years, you had only taken the time to ask, then I would have told you, dear reader, that Björk Gudmundsdottir was THE Great Pop star of the 1990’s, what Bowie was to the 70’s, and, I would contend, Prince to the 1980’s. I use the term great not in the term of these people selling the most records, although they all have done great business there too, in their time. What I am referring to is a certain kind of character who is the best example of their age, a unique voice completely of their times and yet somehow always outside of and beyond them, a genius at the peak of their powers, doing their best work (and here we come to the

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The Residents: Icky Flix – Live at the Queen Elizabeth Hall, London 9th June 2001 – Icky Flix DVD

Label: Ralph (America)/EuroRalph (Europe) Format: DVD, CD (soundtrack only)

The Residents singThe Eyeball ResidentMolly Harvey

There have been plenty of strange and powerful musicians and groups out there for many a long year. Captain Beefheart, Coil, Wesley Willis, Ken Nordine an so forth, each extending the realms of taste and disrupting the boundaries of what exactly constitues music and art . Then there are The Residents.

The Residents play Third Reich'n'Roll

Through thirty years of wilful obscurity and cutting-edge innovation, they have maintained a largely successful anonymity, one of the features about the group which is at once integral to their mystique and irrelevant. The eminently ridiculous sight of a Resident in a tuxedo with an eyeball for a head is at once silly and sinister, a

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2nd Gen (live at Barfly)

2nd Gen2nd Gen plays the wavesBarfly At The Monarch, Camden, London 9th August 2001

OK, so it’s a promotional gig for (the once-proud, now suckers of corporate cock) Xfm. OK, so the other bands are yer average guitar malarkey. Fair enough. But if 2nd Gen’s on, then why the fuck is no-one dancing? Huh? Answer me that and win a prize. (Of fuck all, incidentally, in case you were wondering.) 2nd Gen is here, with an ALL STAR LINE-UP of guests (including Roger Carne from Leechwoman and Dave Watts of Fun’da’mental) and everything! And these retards just stand there going “it’s a bit noisy, isn’t it? not like those nice Belle & Sebastian geezers.” Well… well.. umm… FUCK YOU! `Cuz this is noise par excellence, this is frequencies your mother never even had a chance to worry about, ‘cos she

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23 Skidoo – Seven Songs/Urban Gamelan

Label: Ronin Format: CD

There’s no denying 23 Skidoo their place among the innovators at the interface of Eighties post-Industrial Funk, World Music and general experimental groove development. It’s one of those mysteries and licensing which has no doubt kept their back catalogue out of print for more than a decade, so these re-releases on their own Ronin imprint are thoroughly welcome, and it’s always nice to have a long-awaited return into the roots of modern musical forms emerge to wider availability.

Seven Songs - sleeve Seven Songs, co-produced by the unholy trio of Genesis P-Orridge, Peter “Sleazy” Christopherson and Ken Thomas (for some reason masquerading as Tony, Terry and David), has many of the hallmarks of a time when the serious work of mashing all forms of music up against each other was well under way, but not yet glossed-up and over-marketed as

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