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Suspicion Breeds Confidence – Nyugodt

Label: Frozen Empire Media Format: CD

Nyugodt- sleeve detailNyugodt lurks somewhere in the grey area between dub and electroglitch musique concrete. Noisescapes mix (at times clash) with fractured rhythms. Sometimes closer to the twisted rhythms of Autechre than dub, sometimes almost completely seized by the seething abrasive textures of manipulated noise, the album seldom abandons rhythm completely. And then, beneath the layers of noise the occasional melody manages to surface. Take the track “Das Endgültige Scheitern der Melancholie im Alltag” (which if I can rely on the AltaVista translator is “The Final Failure of Melancholy in Everyday Life). In-between the radio frequencies and out of phase voices a double bass fights it out with the interference.

All of which leaves me wondering if Alec Empire made dub, would it sound like this?


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Cyclobe – The Visitors

Label: Phantom Code/World Serpent Format: CD

The Visitors - sleeve detailThe title of Cyclobe‘s second album release soon becomes fitting as the music opens out, expands and contracts, almost oozes from the pores in the breathing walls – but where are they visiting from exactly? Some might suggest grayling spacefarers, others could contend, quite successfully, that the source of the sonic visitations lies closer to the realms of the subconscious, and of muti-dimensional minds at that. Perhaps Stephen Thrower and Simon Norris are the visitors, popping ’round to warp some minds and entertain, Puckishly and Pan-like, for the duration of a short step outside time and to rest awhile at their strange hotel of sound.

The Visitors has a soundtrack feel to its ambiance, telling stories of states of mind and places outside the everyday sphere where the memes and archetypes live, rolling in

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Fad Gadget – The Best Of Fad Gadget

Label: Mute Format: 2CD

“Still with Mute Records, the sadly neglected Fad Gadget looks like he could give The Human League a run for their money in the smart electronic pop stakes. His third excellent single in a row previews two tracks for his forthcoming album and features more of his clever, black humour lyrics and nifty tunes. “Fireside Favourites” pointedly combines the home fire, the atom bomb and an insanely jolly cakewalk, while “Insecticide” views life from an insect’s point of view with some clever effects. Highly recommended”.

Smash Hits, October 2-15 1980

Incontinent - sleeve detailThat was then. Now there are a 1001 dodgy Eighties and Electro Pop compilations out there. As with all retro compilations memory and sellability are just as important as the music itself. If you take a look through the track listings

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NEU! – NEU!/NEU! 2/NEU! 75

Grönland/EMI Electrola/Astralwerks


NEU! - sleeve Guitar arches out like twilit sunshadows and the omnipresent beat is there, new dawn, new dawn. Synthesizer languidly moves backwards and forth, the Sunday eveningmorning that holds in rapt attention at the creation of something new. Six crepuscular tracks? Wcka wcka wcka. Wow wow wow. And so on. Then on to the swelling and pitching of the flanged cymbals, split side by side, side-to-side, riding along the hyphens of the moments and all the pop mythos that that entails with its entrails.

And now the rowing of the boat with the Norwegian girl, sad as the icicles dripping their tears across the salted earth. Guitar and tones drift up from beneath the deep, two whales in anticipation of mating, sound travelling as far as it can in the depths of an ocean. Roaddrills attack and in come the

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