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Fad Gadget (live)

Fad Gadget lives!The Garage, London 18 January 2002

Not just another of those long-thought forgotten altered-state Pop could-have been idols extracting and revitalising themselves from the Eighties and onto the stage again, Frank Tovey, here backed up by a full band is back. In front of an audience half uncolourful and speckled with piercings in place of acne, and half old enough to have been there the first time Fad Gadget stalked the earth, tonight’s show turns out to be a serious joke on the notion of Electro posturing and Gothic cabaret croons. As a passing stranger at the bar remarks as Tovey manifests in a puffing gout of theatrical smoke, all bowler-hatted and spiney-shirted, “It lives.”

He lives, and is live and lively; the Electro-pop is dark and twisted, and so is Frank. No Rock star pose is too much for

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Psychic TV – Time’s Up Live

Label: Studio Philo/Music Video Distributors Format: DVD

Time's Up Live - jacketWhen Genesis P-Orridge returned to London in 1999 after nearly a decade of tabloid media-inspired witchhunt and subsequent exile to America, there was no doubt that the reappearance of Psychic TV on stage would be an event. That GPO’s manifestation resulted in broadsheet The Guardian running an extensive feature on his welcoming into the very heart of the arts establishment was almost as remarkable as the fact that PTV would be playing in the Royal Festival Hall itself, site of many a surprise underground-made-overground event before and since, but never one quite so outré.

Thanks for this eagerly-anticipated marathon gig is largely due to the then-head of contemporary arts programming, David Sefton, and as the accompanying Cut Up Concert documentary on the DVD recognizes, Time’s Up was quite a pageant of psychedelic

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