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Kling Klang – The Superposition EP

Label: Rock Action Format: 12″,CDS

Three tracks, barely eleven minutes in total and more accomplished than an hour of almost any other band you choose to name. The five piece Kling Klang – the original core trio of Joe McLaughlin , Amy Corcoran and Dave Smyth with Ali McDonald‘s drumming and Peter Smyth filling out the keyboard ranks – are a force to be reckoned with. The band have a genuine love of their chosen weapons: cheap keyboards from the Eighties, monstrous organs, guitar stomp boxes; but also a Punk pop sensibility and an ear for a hook like nobody’s business. Neither Metal nor Avant Garde but something that combines the accomplishments of the two.

The Superposition appears from left field, and before we know what has hit us, we’re eye-deep in “Heavydale”. The opening track of Liverpool space punk band Kling Klang’s third single, does exactly what it says

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Bobby Conn (live)

Bobby ConnThe Garage, London 7 May 2002

The Bobby Conn Band chorus lineThere’s been a fair amount of good press come Bobby Conn‘s way since he last visited these shores in February. Appreciative album and live reviews in the national papers. A full page photo (wearing a lurid 80’s shellsuit) and enthusiastic write-up from Ted Kessler in the 4th of May edition of the NME. Badly Drawn Boy Damon Gough‘s description of The Golden Age as “the best album he’d heard in a decade,” can’t exactly have hindered the spreading of the Word either, for reasons of his celebrity if nothing else. Then there’s the upcoming show supporting Supergrass at the Royal Festival Hall on the 28th of June as part of David Bowie‘s otherwise appallingly billed Meltdown. All in all, it seems that Bobby’s star is on the rise.

I have

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Tool (live)

Brixton Academy, London 13 May 2002

Quick question. Have you ever done, like, TONS of acid, read the entire works of HP Lovecraft AND watched Audition, all in one night? No? Well, whoever sorts out Tool‘s visuals certainly has. So we don’t have to. Let’s just say “thanks” now, shall we? But of the visuals, more later.

Tool. A band I’d avoided for years, cos I thought they’d be shit, despite having had a picture of Bill Hicks as album artwork. I dunno – I think it was their audience that put me off – the big shorts thing never really worked for me. Then came Lateralus. Which was big. AND clever. So I had to check out the back catalogue, really. Which led to me being in Brixton, off my fucking face, surrounded by very tall children in very big shorts, watching a fucking amazing live band.

When they

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Alec Empire/Leech Woman (live)

The Mean Fiddler, London 30 April 2002

Just in time for Mayday, who better to start the riot early than everyone’s favourite shouty German anarchist popkid, Alec Empire? And, truth be told, he doesn’t disappoint. Support Leech Woman attempt to get with the whole Empire thing by scowling a lot, but, let’s fucking face it, in a scowling contest with the boy Empire he’s gonna come out laughing, if that makes any sense. Although, in actuality, of course, he comes out scowling like more motherfuckers than you could POSSIBLY imagine. And proceeds to rock the asses of more snow leopards than David fucking Attenborough has ever DREAMED of. (And yes, I know capitals are the tool of a madman- I’d have written this review in green biro if I could.)

“Everything Starts With A Fuck” he proclaims, but that’s only half the truth- in the DHR noise utopia, everything starts

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