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Reynols – Pacalirte Sorban Cumanos

Label: Beta-Lactam Ring Records Format: CD, Limited LP

Reynols – Pacalirte Sorban CumanosArgentinian three piece Reynols have been walking their own particularly strange path for nearly a decade, droning and chugging on a collection of home-made and improvised instruments and guitars, with everything underpinned by the percussive and vocal drive of Miguel Tomasín. Their sound is at first chaotic and then enveloping, with walls of distortion and other effects piled on the basic groundwork of the electric guitars of Roberto Conlazo and Anla Courtis; and then matters proceed to get weirder.

With added tape loops and a plethora of mysterious-sounding, self-designed instruments including Snofer Pinchers, Heavy Cabras and Roto Chivas, their sound is densely packed into outrépieces which creep, crawl, writhe and occasionally explode with an improvisational murkiness

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The Controlled Bleeding – Can You Smell The Rain Between?

Label: Tone Casualties Format: CD

Can You Smell The Rain Between - sleeve Can You Smell The Rain Between? was accompanied by “Enjoy ?” written on the press leaflet. Was I not meant to enjoy it ? Should I have endured an unpleasant hour or so ? The press release sets out to create an impression of something baleful and malign, which somehow made me think of the first Black Sabbath album. Anyway.

The Controlled Bleeding certainly explore some of the darker corners of sonic nightmares. They create a forbidding territory of dark rumbling bass lines and barely audible whispers on “Red Hands Waiting”. Other sound ingredients add to the impressions of a bleak terrain ; strangled electric guitar, creeping cymbals and a few unidentified objects. But it is never overdone, all elements are balanced to produce a fine weave of shifting atmospheres. There

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Bobby Conn – Winners

Label: Thrill Jockey Format: CDS

Bobby Conn - WinnersA five remix CD of a track from his album The Golden Age presents the man in full Seventies flow with lashings of Disco, Pop and Soul all decked out in fake chest wig, flares that defy measurement and cripplingly fashionable platform soles. The almost falsetto voice is all petulance with the ghosts of Marc Bolan and Michael Jackson jockeying for prominence. There are even shades of Zappa‘s cheesier Seventies horns. How could anyone resist lines like “So come on over in your Range Rover”?

There isn’t a lot to choose between the first two mixes but the “Sleeping Baby Mix” keeps the best features of the original one and shreds them, stretches them and turns the vocal into a few whispers over the guitar and horns. Similarly the final

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