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Tarwater – Dwellers On The Threshold

Label: Kitty-Yo (Europe) Mute (North America) Format: CD/LP

Tarwater - Dwellers On The ThresholdTarwater return, enigmatic and phlegmatic as ever with Dwellers On The Threshold, charting journeys across an imaginary landscape of shifting borderlands and elusive edges. Opening with the hypnotic and immediately engaging “70 Rupies To Paradise Road”, with words spoken on this occasion by Tone Avenstroup, it is apparent that there is something special about this record.

Partly thanks to a commitment to keeping the intruments and samples clean and crisply redolent of themselves when necessary, as opposed to a set of electronic processes, and mostly to a finely-judged sense of dramatic tension and restrain, Tarwater unfurl a series of looped enigmas set within puzzlingly fetching production values. Lush without being overdone, their sound

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Dälek – From Filthy Tongue Of Gods And Griots

Label: Ipecac Format: CD,LP

From Filthy Tongue of Gods And Griots - sleeve detailBrimming with fractured beats and an omnivorous musical approach which draws in experimental influences from Industrial, Post-Rock and Jazz as much as from the conscious side of HipHop, Dälek‘s From Filthy Tongue Of Gods And Griots burns with a bright spark of questioning anger, musically as well as lyrically. Having collaborated with Techno Animal, 2nd Gen and Faust on occasion, coming at this outfit from that perspective their dense sound seems natural and even entirely expected – but then putting them in the context of a genre which is still the biggest format for popular music on the panet, Dälek the collective throw several spanners in the works, using them to bash out a harsh rhythm along the way.

Along with fellow HipHop noise sculptors Fever and 4AM, the collective of

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