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Animal Collective – Here Comes The Indian

Label: Paw Tracks Format: CD,LP

Here Comes The Animal - inside CD sleeveFrom the acid-drenched woodland scenes of the band members lurking in a mirror wilderness on the cover to the music itself, Here Comes The Indian screams and drones and scrawls with psychedelic brightness and insanity. The Animal Collective yell and chant, whip up frenzied percussive grooves from nothing then let them rip into splashes of unhinged harmonious melody – the lysergic force is almost physical, as deliriously fragmented arrangements skip from slow handclap group unconscious singalongs into soundscapes of noises off and murmured words processed from direct from the undergrowth.

The group seem content to let their whims guide the course of any one track, while succeeding in holding back the chaos to levels of listenable dementia for the most part with the practised ease of improv selectivity. Massed echo effects and

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Diamanda Galás – Defixiones, Will & Testament / La Serpenta Canta

Label: Mute Format: 2CD

Defixiones - sleeve detailDiamanda Galás has never been timid about exploring the darkness and horror of her chosen territories. She’s been doing it for some years and these latest recordings are no exception. Defixiones, Will and Testament is rooted in Armenian, Assyrian and Greek genocides carried out by Turkey between 1914 and 1923. To construct this exploration she has borrowed texts from a variety of sources as well as using her own and, as if to accentuate the importance and power of the writings, there is little accompaniment apart from her piano, tape and minimal electronic treatments. As ever, it is the voice that is central to the delivery of the work.

Much has been said about that voice’s range, all three and a half octaves of it, but it is what she does with this range that makes it

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Faust and Dälek – Nummer 3

Label: Bomb Mitte Format: 7″

Faust and Dälek - Nummer 3The first Faust record I owned was on vinyl and now they have another release on the shiny black stuff. This time its a limited edition 7-inch collaboration with Dälek and is a taster of an album which will appear later this year. Collaborations appear to be part of the current Faust direction and it would seem to be a productive area to explore.

Given the relative brevity of the two sides its difficult to see what the larger picture of this merger of two fairly disparate units will look like. But from listening to this small sample it looks as though it will be a creative coalition. On Part 1 there are some characteristic Industrial grindings going on around the distorted anger of Will Brooks‘ rapping. There is a strong sense

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Acid Mothers Collective: – Guru + Zero – Tsurubami – Pardons – Kawabata Makoto/Salvatore (live at the Kosmische Club)

The Spitz, London 5 June 2003

When the Acid Mothers Collective come to town, a few things are certain – extended improvisations, guest appearances (tonight’s honourable psychonaut is none other than Daevid Allen), antics and japes at the keyboards, and hair. Lots and lots of hair: not just on the heads of Makoto Kawabata and Higashi Hiroshi, what with the Camembert Electrique crowd out in force, some spectacular mullets are in evidence in the capacity crowd too.

Salvatore (Click for larger image)Hirsute fans aside, the evening opens with the shorn Norwegian Kosmische favourites Salvatore, whose progression beyond Post-Rock finds them riding on solid grooves accompanied by rippling melodies. Their instrumental glide is usually right at home, but tonight their performance lacks a continuous sparkle, breezing through on a pleasant churn of electronics and assorted guitar, basses and drums without really ever lifting off.


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Nocturnal Emissions – Collateral Salvage

Label: Soleilmoon Format: CD

Collateral Salvage - sleeve detailThis is Nigel Ayers‘ twenty-fifth Nocturnal Emissions CD since 1979, and here he chooses to sample, loop and mutilate chunks of Indie guitar music and slam them up against the music of the Third World, old and new. The results are certainly funky, rolling on heavyweight grooves and beats with a deliberate Fourth World flavour, delving deep into the synthesis of Western Pop with Arab, Berber and other traditions, dialectical style, apparently inspired by a night in a Moroccan bathtub with the sounds of multiple nightspots outside swinging erratically to all points of the musical and cultural compass.

In case anyone didn’t get the hint in the title, Ayers is not big on the Wild West-style posturing of Texican presidents either, with track titles like “Burn, Bush, Burn” (has Mr Ayers been to Lewes on Firework

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