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The Vanity Set/Groop/Caesar Romero (live at the Kosmische Club)

@ Kosmische Upstairs At The Garage, London 16 September 2003

Caesar Romero (Click for larger image)A reasonably well-filled Upstairs At The Garage is in store for a sleazy night of lateral Rock and Roll tonight. Caesar Romero pull off several good sweaty tricks – they use keyboards and guitars like they were meant to be scuzzed up and with a hint of wah; their guitarist manages to wear a stetson onstage without looking like a twat, and their music is a gritty swirl of fat, fuzzy bass, crisp drums and some occasional stroke of violin. Their female fans/friends also like to gyrate in front of the stage. Despite a couple of false attempts on their final number, it stomps their earthy set out with a hint of treble-cut analogue synth Funk and confirms the bands’ entertainment value as high.

Groop (Click for 

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