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Skinny Puppy (live)

A foggy Skinny Puppy emerge...(click for larger image)The Forum, London 19 July 2004

It’s a point that’s already been made, I’m sure, but there’s at least something to be said for the otherwise abhorrent War Against Terror. Just look, or rather listen, to what’s going on. As well as the politicisation of once-apathetic masses, the already-politicised but seldom heard of Industrial Rock giants are all coming out to the barricades to chuck stuff. See the headlines – “NEW MINISTRY ALBUM NOT SHIT SHOCKER!”, “KMFDM INVADE BRITAIN AGAIN” and now even “SKINNY PUPPY FINALLY RETURN TO LONDON”.

Having bought tickets for their last (cancelled) London gig back in, ooh, 1990 or thereabouts, I have to say I was really quite excited about this, and like an excitable schoolgirl (albeit one who was into anguished shrieks and cut-up beats) prepared myself for the occasion with a couple of

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KMFDM/Panic DHH (live)

LA2, London 8 July 2004

Digital Hardcore’s new signing, Panic DHH, seem to be the hot new thing on the Industrial circuit. Having managed to miss them thus far other than hearing their truly awesome album Panic Drives Human Herds, I had little idea what to expect. Would they be able to replicate the grinding “Skinny Puppy meets Ministry and they have a fight”sound of the studio? Would they be worth watching, or may I just as well stay at home?

Yes to the first, yes to the second, and a big “you gotta be fucking kidding!!!” to the third. Panic DHH live are a truly wonderful experience. Judging by the huge crowd they got (kind of large for a support band) and the amount of people who missed them (they played fairly early) and kept asking me “what were that support like then? I’ve heard they were supposed to

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Charles Hayward – Abracadabra Information

Label: Locus Solus Format: CD

Abracadabra Information - sleeve detailCharles Hayward‘s unique observations on the grimness and greatness of human existence are usually slightly off to one side of the general flow of music and song, and Abracadabra Information is decidedly at a tangent to, but entirely redolent of the pains and pleasures of 21st Century living.

Flickering on, flourescent tube style, with “Toytown” and it’s straight in to an entropic hymn of displeasure with urban life in London, with John Edwards contributing some subtle yet powerful double bass vibrations. There’s yet more urgent cy to the upbeat tempo and bleepy electronics of “My Madness”, where Hayward’s mental state becomes audibly and lyrically paranoid, building into a clattering roll of funky drums and imprecations for moments of sanity in an insane world. His voice sounds especially ragged and honest here – Hayward is no

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