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Cosey Fanni Tutti – Selflessness – Electronic Ambient Remixes 4

Label: CTI Format: CD

Selflessness - sleeve detailBased on Cosey Fanni Tutti‘s inital live Selflessness action at Disneyland in California in May 2002, EAR Four aims to transmit her feelings of disorientation and being placed apart from of time the resort engendered. Remixed mainly from recordings made on site and and then broadcast precisely one year later on Resonance FM in London, the CD has had four minutes of unaltered environmental sound removed for time and copyright reasons but is otherwise the same as the radio session.

William Gibson famously compared Singapore’s authoritarian cybernetic city-state to “Disneyland with the death penalty” – Cosey recasts the latter here as a place adrift from time and space, a resort cum city-state so separated from the generality of mundane existence that any consequent felony would be one of the mind. The overall sensation generated by Selflessness is

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