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The Angels Of Light/ Akron/Family (live)

ULU, London 26th May 2005

Okay, here’s the usual disclaimer. I’m not going to be objective. In the slightest. Michael Gira‘s been a hero of mine for many years now, and this was the first time I got to see him live. So forgive me if I don’t give it the whole fair and balanced thing in the following review.

You’ve got to hand it to Akron/Family. Considering they are The Angels Of Light at the moment, and they’re playing support on the Angels tour, that means, as Mr Gira points out later in the evening, these poor guys have been playing two sets a night for the last six weeks. And they still seem very… hmm, I think maybe “mellow” is the word I’m looking for. Spectacular beards, amiable banter, and a serious lack of consideration for what music “should ” be like. They’re wonderful. Coming on at times

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Bong-Ra – Grindkrusher

Label: Ad Noiseam Format: 12″

Bong-Ra - GrindkrusherForsaking his love of distended gabba-ragga-breakcore noise for something not entirely unrelated, Jason Kohnen has applied his carefully-crafted breaks and furious percussive cut-up skills to grindcore metal – and what a rushing mashup the result is too. Big riffs meet monster bass and hyperspeed rhythms, twisting an already evil-sounding form into new shapes of enthusiastically demented chaos. Track titles like “Bloody Cenotaph” hint at the doomy mood which sweeps through the EP like a dose of particularly metallic-tasting amphetamine.

Guitar samples plundered from a host of sources probably including but not limited to Slayer, Godflesh, Extreme Noise Terror, Celtic Frost, Voivod, etc., etc. swarm around flickering, sometimes stuttering loops and sequences summoning the sound of death metal reanimated in the Twenty-first Century. “Jo Bench” is naturally dedicated to Bolt Thrower‘s bass player, and sounds

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