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ALU – Autismenschen

Label: C.I.P Format: CD

Autismenschen - sleeveFirst there was Sand, whose 1974 album Golem was a lost masterpiece of Kosmische psychedelia. The album was re-released and annotated by David Tibet and Steven Stapleton along with other unreleased material from various related projects in 1996 as the Ultrasonic Seraphim double CD set on their combined United Durtro imprint, and with the dissolution of World Serpent Distribution is now sadly unavailable once again. In the extensive liner notes from that release, Sand man Johannes Vester remarked in closing his reminiscences about the band “In 1979 Ludwig [Papenberg] and I started a new project – ALU. But that is another story.” Nine years later and the tale continued, finding Blake Edwards of C.I.P in touch with ALU about re-releasing their long-deleted live LP Licht. Instead they suggested he put out their unreleased debut studio album, only two

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