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Ministry – Rantology

Label: Mayan Format: CD

Rantology - sleeveSo Bush got in again. Fuck. Well, look on the bright side, at least it means Al Jourgensen still has something to be angry about. Small comfort I know, but you take this shit where you can find it, I guess. I mean, a better world would obviously be great to live in, but I’m not sure my mind could cope with the ontological dissonance that would come with listening to a nice, chilled-out, feel-good Ministry album. Which this clearly (and thankfully) isn’t.

Although this is a “best of”, kind of, one new track “The Great Satan”, as the title implies, leads me to expect great things of the new material Mr J is apparently working on. “We don’t need your fucking war, so get your asses OUT!!!” he yells, over the by-now de rigeur Big Black Playing

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Half Man Half Biscuit – Achtung Bono

Label: Probe Plus Format: CD

Achtung Bono - sleeveAnd they’re back. Nigel Blackwell‘s lads are here to give anyone, and anything, they think worthy a damn good kicking. And they’ll do it catchily too, and with some great jokes. Quite some expectation, and opener “Restless Legs”, while funny, seems remarkable targetless. After this breezy opening, though, we get one of the two most acerbic tracks on the album, “CORGI Registered Friends”, a pop-punk stormer which sees Nigel firing his arrows of pure vitriol into the middle-class idyll: “You call Glastonbury ‘Glasto’/You’d like to go there one day/When they’ve put un the guntowers/To keep the hippies away”. The way he enunciates the line “Ralph’s in Brize Norton” is a thing of joy in itself- never has spite been quite so funny.

Except when it’s aimed at Pete Doherty, the headline-grabbing junky no-mark once of

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