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Laibach – WAT

Label: Mute Format: CD,2LP

WAT - sleeve As purposely obscure and enigmatic as ever, Laibach‘s return to the world of record releases and live shows steps up the pressure they bring to bear upon the listener’s expectations of what this most uncompromising of groups might actually intend and ultimately mean. Presented in German, English and occasionally Serbo-Croat to thumping beats of an orchestral Techno bent, WAT kicks off with one of the most outrageously utopian Space Operas committed to disc in the shape of “B Maschina”. From the opening tinkling electronics and rising hum of power steeling itself for release, the archetypal deep voice of Laibach speaks the lay of dream machines raising into orbit to a whirring rhythm which soon grinds into escape velocity on impassioned digital whinnies and an explosion into choral grandeur of breathtaking aspect. Laibach have returned in style,

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Muslimgauze review feature

Iranair Inflight MagazineRed MadrassaJebel Tariq Label: Muslimim Format: CDArabbox Label: Soleilmoon Format: CDIn Search Of Ahmad Shah Masood Label: Nexsound Format: CD

Recent months have seen the continuing flow of Muslimgauze releases slow down considerably – given that it is now five years since Bryn Jones‘ untimely death, this is hardly surprising, but that it has taken this long is in itself a testament to the legacy of finished material he left behind. This round-up of new and reemergent material covers only some of the diverse CDs which have appeared – a second instalment is likely to follow shortly.

Iranair Inflight Magazine - back sleeve detailWith track names taken from the Iran Air Inflight Magazine of the album title and referring in turn to the passenger jet of that airline shot down, apparently by mistake,

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Andy Wilson – Stretch Out Time: Faust 1970-1975

Faust Pages, paperback 208pp

Stretch Out Time – Faust 1970-1975A labour of love from start to finish, this book is both a personal and theoretical analysis of Faust‘s music in their classic era. Andy Wilson‘s detailed track-by-track commentary for each album and assorted other releases are insightful and rarely dry. Instead, he riffs on the music as much in an emotional and political context while clearly outlining the group’s sometimes larger than life history, peppering the text with anecdotes from surviving members and rare photos.

With a couple of chapters which compare Faust’s contribution to both the avantgarde and rock music alongside that of Sun Ra and Frank Zappa (from the appreciation of whom Faust’s man-mountain drummer Werner “Zappi” Diermaier got his nickname), as well as a brief section covering developments in the band’s long strange trip after their disappearance in 1975,

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