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The Third Eye Foundation – Collected Works

Label: Domino Format: 3CD

Collected Works - sleeve detailRemember when it was all the rage for everyone to do an Eno and describe their music as being soundtracks for movies that didn’t exist? (Barry Adamson, In The Nursery – I’m looking at YOU). Not sure if The Third Eye Foundation (aka Matt Elliott) ever made the same claim for his music, but if he didn’t, then I will, and will go further and say I really need to see those movies. I don’t care if they don’t exist. SHOW ME THEM NOW. On this showing, they’ll be some kind of ’70s Catholic horror movies chucked in a blender with Lynchian cyberpunk stuff (imagine Tsukamoto remaking The Exorcist, maybe), mostly shot through CCTV. Doesn’t that sound ace?

And sounding ace is what TEF is all about. It’s too easy to say “dark drum’n’bass like what the wonderful

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