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Nurse With Wound/Christoph Heeman (live)

Ether 07 Queen Elizabeth Hall London 3rd March 2007

Christoph Heeman opens proceedings as special guest at the debut London performance of Nurse With Wound as part of the Ether 07 festival. His solo presence onstage, lit by sweeping blue light projections, is not the most engaging of performances visually, but the drones and surges of electronic tones he coaxes from a small assortment of devices soon swell up to fill the auditorium. While there is a reasonable amount of truth to the assertion made by some members of the audience afterwards that the minimalist sounds Heeman was generating were no longer the most original, he is someone who was – and arguably remains – an innovator in deep listening sounds of this sort, and kudos is due to Heeman for his role in making amelodic music swim beyond the mere lounge sounds of Ambient and into the rich depths

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