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Morning Bride – Lea Valley Delta Blues

Label: Letterbox Format: CD

Lea Valley Delta Blues - sleeveParadoxes. (Yeah, I thought the plural’d be “paradoces” as well, but no). Paradoxes and Hackney. I love Hackney, yet at the same time I fear her something rotten. No, it’s not just the fact that I’ve been mugged here more times than I care to remember (well, even just the first time was technically “more than I care to remember”, but, y’know…), or that there’s always the risk of getting shot. No, what frightens me is that the other day, while out walking in Stoke Newington, I happened to notice that someone had left pasta out for the birds. Pasta. Not breadcrumbs, pasta. How can it be that in just the one borough, stupid amounts of crime can sit alongside people who genuinely believe pesto is a sandwich filling? As I say,

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