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Un Festín Sagital – Epitafio A La Permanencia

Label: Beta-lactam Ring Records Format: CD

Un Festín Sagital – Epitafio A La PermanenciaFom the opening blasts of the title track, it’s apparent that Epitafio a la Permanencia is going to be more than just strange – it’s going to be weird. First off Un Festín Sagital get top marks for impersonating Magma within the first few bars, then dropping the dramatic chorale motif for now in favour of a deliciously avant slide into the meanders of a sound which winds its way, in riverine grandeur, from twinkling, tinkling melodicism into organ-surging power cycles, shimmering in the light side of the divide between artiness and artfulness, at the point where prog-rock is not really an adequate description, but is most probably where the band will be pigeonholed – which would somewhat miss the point – it’s far more out there

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