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Wovenhand – Ten Stones

Sounds Familyre

Ten Stones - sleeveWith a name like Wovenhand, one could be forgiven for expecting some sort of pagan/folk metal malarkey – you know, that whole portmanteau word thing, like Skyclad or Dragonsbum or something. When you learn that the reference is to hands woven in prayer, however, the picture changes somewhat. Perhaps something a little more fragile, more intimate… Then you put the thing on, and all these preconceptions go out of the window in a maelstrom of BIG, BIG music. Wovenhand are EPIC. This is a big-budget Cormac McCarthy movie, or a crazy prophecy dreamed after a night on the Communion wine somewhere out on the prairie.

“Beautiful The Axe,” the album’s opener, sets out their stall pretty well – starting with some fairly innocuous guitar which turns into an ominous almost-goth verse part, the whole

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Earthless – Live At Roadburn

Label: TeePee Format: CD,2LP

Earthless- Live At Roadburn sleeveEarthless rock. Earthless know that rock isn’t found in the middle of the verse or tucked away politely in the corner of a chorus. Earthless know that rock is huge tube driven distorted excess. And that’s exactly what they did at Roadburn. One and a half hours of primal solo and riff on the main stage of the Roadburn festival. It wasn’t a gig they were expecting to play. When the main act couldn’t play the organisers asked Earthless at the last minute. They stepped up and delivered a raw assault of rock noise. Appropriate given that Roadburn is a celebration of the riff.

On finding out the gig was recorded Earthless listened to the performance and decided that it was the most honest document they could

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