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Blood Ceremony – Blood Ceremony

Label: Rise Above Format: CD,LP

Blood Ceremony - sleeveFlute-tinged witch rock debut from Toronto’s Blood Ceremony. These days a lot of metal bands head straight for the big Black Sabbath riff, slow it down, and just stay there. However, I don’t think Blood Ceremony are too interested in what lots of metal bands are doing these days. They look back to the era of bands such as Coven, Affinity, and Black Widow, capture the prog tendencies of Sabbath and fuse it with a huge pagan doom-laden riff out. Vocalist Alia O’Brien‘s flute solos are something else … they give Blood Ceremony a unique quality.

Flute is an instrument that’s virtually never heard in metal, and has been in the rock wilderness since the seventies, though used and abused by the Ozric Tentacles, but seldom heard otherwise. Chunky riffs sandwich

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