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O’Death (live at Hoxton Bar & Kitchen)

Concrete And Glass Hoxton Bar & Kitchen, LondonO'Death 2 October 2008

O'DeathWhen you go to a show by a shirtless, rabble-rousing mob like O’Death, you really expect to see the band set up on the floor, separated from their sweaty audience by little more than a few blobs of spit and sawdust. That’s how I imagined it anyway, so it is with some apprehension that I view the venue at the Hoxton Bar and Kitchen. With a sleek black interior, expensive light fittings and a stage at least three feet higher than I had hoped, this cold-fish setting makes me wonder how O’Death are ever going to manage to forge a connection with the notoriously cold-fish Hoxton punters.

Well, not to keep

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