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I Might Be Wrong – Circle the Yes

(Sinnbus) I Might Be Wrong come from Berlin and are, apparently, “supported by the Initiative Musik Non-profit Project Company Ltd. with project funds from the Federal Government Commissioner for Culture and Media on the basis of a resolution passed by the German Bundestag.”

Splendid! – how can we resist an album boasting such venerable patronage? Naming your band after a song by your fave combo however, is rarely a good idea – Eric’s Trip, Ella Guru, Ladytron and many others appeared on the scene with so much baggage attached to their names that they stood little chance of ever establishing their own identity (somehow the Japanese seem able to transcend this rule – Ruins, Boris, etc.), but to name your band

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UnicaZürn – Temporal Bends

uZu Music

Unica Zürn – Temporal BendsUnicaZürn was, apparently, a surrealist artist known for automatic drawing. I never knew that. Well, not until I just looked it up, anyway. The wonders of the internet. These days, at the touch of a button, you can learn all manner of things. You could, for example, go onto Freq and learn, from me, about the other UnicaZürn, whose début album, The Temporal Bends, I am listening to right now.

You could learn that the band are composed of Arkkon‘s David Knight, and one-time Coil man Stephen Thrower. You could learn that the cover artwork was done, rather tastefully, by the legendary Danielle Dax, and that she even sings on one

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Pere Ubu – Datapanik in the Year Zero/London * Texas

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Pere Ubu evolved in a different universe to the rest of 70s rock. In mainstream history as we know and remember it, The Sex Pistols single-handedly swept aside years of proggishness, clearing a completely new path and establishing the new year-zero (OK, that’s a parodic exaggeration, but it isn’t far from what it felt like at the time). But in Ubu world, then centred entirely on the flatlining industrial town of Cleveland, Ohio, long before the Bill Grundy affair and God Save the Queen, the riddle had already been solved and the code already broken. Their early, self-released run of singles on the Hearpen label (30 Seconds Over Tokyo, Final Solution, Street Waves and The Modern Dance) admittedly owe debts to The Stooges and Velvet

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The Twilight Sad – Forget the Night Ahead


In a music world where the past is ever present, remarketed and remastered for future generations, The Twilight Sad seem to have chanced upon the dusty old trunk marked “The Eighties” and gleefully plundered its contents wholesale, though highly discriminatingly. Luckily, these resourceful Scots have what it takes to transcend the sum of their influences, rearranging the jigsaw pieces in a reassuringly wrong order – imagine The Wild Swans‘ soaring vocals set adrift on a sea of My Bloody Valentine‘s guitar, underpinned by a stately Joy Division rhythm section or perhaps Aztec Camera‘s introspection drowned in a deluge of Sonic Youth guitar skronk.

The sound on Forget the Night Ahead is both dense and expansive, but succeeds in being epic while

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