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Irmler / Oesterhelt – Die Gesänge Des Maldoror


Irmler / Oesterhelt - Die Gesänge des Maldoror

Refreshing to have so many fluid points at play, this could have easily drifted in a altogether singular direction – gone all-out sinister rolling those doomic dice – but instead HJ Irmler and Carl Friedrich Oesterhelt tease us with a classical anarchism that isn’t affixed or preconceived.

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Luca D’Alberto – Endless

7K! Luca D’Alberto - Endless!K7 have been issuing releases which trade on an intelligent dance tip for the best part of twenty years now with the likes of Kruder & Dorfmeister and all those DJ-Kicks selections. Head honcho Horst Weidenmüller has chosen to set up a sub-label , 7K!, which is more in a neo-classical vein, but he feels will appeal to fans of the original label. Luca D’Alberto‘s Endless is the label’s first release and it is an absolute gem of a starting point.

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Lana Del Rey – Lust For Life


Lana Del Rey - Lust For LifeSo summer’s here (kind of), Twin Peaks is back on TV (and oh boy is it fucking BACK) and everyone’s favourite unofficially-Lynchian songstress Lana Del Rey is also back with her long-awaited new album Lust For Life, with a cover that couldn’t look more ’70s if it tried.

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Bonnie “Prince” Billy / London Sacred Harp (live at the Union Chapel)

London 27 July 2017

Bonnie Prince Billy live July 2017Growing up in North Carolina with a fair amount of Baptist and other mountain church influence, I have been no stranger to shape note, or square hymn singing. It’s a strange old thing which the London Sacred Harp group has perfected for the here and now.

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Howard Jones – Best 1983-2017

Cherry Red

Howard Jones - Best 1983-2017

High Wycombe, 1977.

Thirty miles north-west of central London, famous for its illustrious furniture-making history,1 Wycombe has always been a voraciously music-hungry town. A strong local music scene took root some years ago, but viewed nationally, the town is still renowned more for its notable venues than for the visibility of its indigenous talent.

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Harald Grosskopf and Eberhard Kranemann – Krautwerk

Bureau B

Harald Grosskopf and Eberhard Kranemann - KrautwerkAnother important Bureau B collaboration finds two early doyens of German music joining forces for six tracks of far-reaching, future-spanning electronic visions.

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Echoes Of Yul – The Healing Sessions


Echoes Of Yul - The Healing SessionsConsisting of otherwise unplaced material from Echoes Of Yul‘s The Healing album and originally released as limited run of cassettes, The Healing Sessions now appears on CD.

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Beehatch – Oh Noh Me


Beehatch - Oh Noh MeBristling with brightly sparking passion and a mischievous sense that, in a musical world where all genres and forms are available, and (over-)familiar to everyone with a will to listen, therefore everything is permitted — as long as it works, and works well.

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Reason Stendec – Impulsion EP


Reason Stendec - Impulsion EPJono Podmore (AKA Kumo, of Cyclopean and Metamono) provides the music backing up Reason Stendec‘s sonorous multilingual vocals on the Impulsion EP. Intriguingly,Stendec” was mysterious final Morse code transmission from a flight that crashed en route to Santiago in Chile in 1947

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The Radiophonic Workshop – Burials In Several Earths

Room 13

The Radiophonic Workshop - Burials In Several EarthsEverybody knows The Radiophonic Workshop. Electronic musicians, eccentric polymaths and computer savants have been tinkering away in the bowels of Maida Vale on and off for the past sixty years, scaring and thrilling at equal turns with their wild and imaginative effects and soundtracks for BBC TV and radio shows.

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Laibach – Also Sprach Zarathustra


Laibach – Also Sprach Zarathustra


So Laibach made an album called Also Sprach Zarathustra. Which displays the kind of self-confidence, arrogance and sheer fucking balls for which Laibach are famous.

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Guadalupe Plata – Guadalupe Plata


Guadalupe PlataDesert rockabilly trio Guadalupe Plata have been ploughing their Spanish language furrow since 2010 and with this, their fifth full-length record (four of them self-titled), the band find themselves leaping straight into the fray with a salute to the famed Chilean songwriter and activist Violeta Parra.

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Der Plan – Unkapitulierbar

Bureau B

Der Plan - UnkapitulierbarThey may have slipped out of the Neue Deutsche Welle limelight sometime ago, but this surprise newbie from Der Plan hits back with that familiar quirkiness that gave us “Du Bist Es Nicht”, “Gummitwist” and the sublime “Space Bob”.

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Schneider Kacirek – Radius Walk

Bureau B

Schneider Kacirek - Radius WalkOnce again, Bureau B are doing us proud with a couple of releases that showcase a couple of earlier generations of German electronic music, and also go some way to showing just how important and diverse the label has become.

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Psychic TV – Allegory And Self / Pagan Day

Dais / Sacred Bones

Allegory And Self

Psychic TV - Allegory And SelfAhhh, “Godstar” was a surprise back in the day, a light and airy departure from the Crowley curves and noisy exorcisms that had nailed the first two Psychic TV albums. Further Throbbing Gristle fan head-scratching ensued, more so when it hauled the operation completely overground

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