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Palmbomen II – Memories Of Cindy

Beats In Space

Palmbomen II - Memories Of CindyThere’s a soft interference about this record, a sense of loss; it’s beautifully produced throughout and sort of drifts under you as an album (not a bad thing at all), but there’s a real sense of dislocation; you never know quite what it is you’re hearing.

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Dedekind Cut – Tahoe


Dedekind Cut - TahoeDedekind Cut has been extremely busy in the last couple of years what with one album on Non and a whole plethora of self-released EPs. He has obviously been noticed as this second album is being released on Kranky, happy home of all things leftfield and with an ambient slant.

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Ensemble Evolutis – Ghibli Melodies (live at Pandora)

Avignon 9 February 2018

Ensemble Evolutis – Ghibli MelodiesAs is only to be expected, a screening of selected scenes and scores from Studio Ghibli‘s extensive catalogue of films turns out to have attracted a suitably cosmopolitan audience of all ages and subcultural inclinations to this latest ciné-concert at the hiply bohemian Pandora Cinema.

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Stereocilia / Grasslands (live at The Tuppenny)

Swindon 22 February 2018

Stereocilia live February 2018The good people at the latest of Swindon’s venues, The Tuppenny, have been brave enough to unleash the might of two of the town’s finest sons on an unsuspecting public. First up is the extremely affable Tom, who when donning his magic wolf’s hat becomes sonic terrorist Grasslands, defender of the faith of the open veldt and ex-employee of the month at Safeway in Aberystwyth.

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Felt – A Decade In Music

Cherry Red

Felt - A Decade In MusicFor me, Felt were one of the most important bands that this country produced in the 1980s, and in Lawrence they possessed a true English eccentric visionary who deserves to be viewed in a class of his own. The idea of starting a band with a view to releasing ten albums and ten singles over the course of ten years is a masterpiece of self-imposed marketing

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Into The Sky – Before The Storm

Kosmic Noise

Into The Sky - Before The StormKosmic Noise Records‘ first release comes from Into The Sky, a German duo who seem happy to declare themselves to be the inheritors of post-rock while nodding generously in the direction of immediate forbears such as Michael Rother of NEU! (whose logo KNR are wont to pastiche cheerfully when the opportunity arises),

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Gary Numan – Dance

Beggars Arkive

Gary Numan - DanceDance was a change in direction for Gary Numan after four albums where he explored dark, cold electronic music, and he obviously thought it was time to move away from that area. This being 1981, it was only now that a lot of other popular artists were just beginning to explore Numan’s minimalist synth sound for themselves, and suddenly the UK charts were flooded with bands trying to emulate Numan’s sound and look.

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Burnt Friedman – Anthology 1980-2017


Burnt Friedman - AnthologyBurnt Friedman is one of those mystery names that seems to often be involved in so many collaborations. His work with Jaki Liebezeit in Cyclopean was a deliciously rhythmic stew and his stuff with David Sylvian, particularly the Nine Horses album was really lovely, so to be confronted with a compilation of his own work was a pleasant surprise and then to discover that it covers a thirty-five year period was an even greater pleasure.

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Slomo – Super-Individual: Collective Ritual


Slomo - Super-Individual: Collective Ritual On headphones this Transits remix album rules, even better blaring through the speakers. Really needles the betweens, plucks aspects from its tidal original, spectrum-snakes its brooding intent, kicks out a dance of contemplative delectables. Over two and a half hours of music derived from the same twenty-three minute source material

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Keiji Haino and Sumac – American Dollar Bill : Keep Facing Sideways, You’re Too Hideous To Look At Face On / Keiji Haino and Konstrukt – A Philosophy Warping, Little By Little That Way Lies A Quagmire

American Dollar Bill : Keep Facing Sideways, You’re Too Hideous To Look At Face On Thrill Jockey

Keiji Haino and Sumac - American Dollar BillSo so so… I’ve got probably more Keiji Haino albums than anyone reasonably needs. My heirarchy tends to look like Haino solo > Fushitsusha > anything else. He’s got a pretty intimidating discography — more like the little-and-often of free improv and jazz than magnum opuses of rockism. The right answer to “what should I listen to first” is “any of the Fushitsusha albums and probably Affection“.

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Star Turbine / Calcine Trio / Brutar Weimaz / Carter (live at The Old England)

Bristol 12 February 2018

Star Turbine live February 2018Divorcing us from context, Carter was like a travelling salesman peddling dismembered arithmetics, a volatile dance of irregularity from the inside of a wooden suitcase. That awkward caress of pipping bubble wrap and shuffling sandpaper was an intriguing proposition, a parade of mutated modulars bathed in palpitating reverses, guillotined gallop.

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Mark Renner – Few Traces

RVNG Intl.

Mark Renner - Few TracesMark Renner was a mystery name to me, and because of that I must admit to an element of surprise at the attention lavished on the packaging by RVNG on this collection of tracks. The tracks date from electronic music’s halcyon days of the 1980s and cover Mark’s initial foray into recorded sound in 1982 up to the point where he seems to have put music to bed in 1990.

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Johanna Bramli – Spirals EP

Little Miss Echo Recordings

Johanna Bramli - Spirals EPThis is the debut EP from Johanna Bramli, who is possibly better known for being one half of “motorik electronic pop band Fröst“, but I’ve not actually heard them, while I have seen Bramli a couple of times at live shows around Brighton. And verily she is good.

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Calexico – The Thread That Keeps Us

City Slang

Calexico - The Thread That Keeps UsI had a real love for Calexico back when they first started. There was something about Joey Burns and John Convertino disappearing into a shack in Arizona somewhere and reproducing the sound of their environment in such a charming and understated way. That dusty, warm sound, the sensation of lounging underneath the canopy of an orange grove as these subtle, Mexican-influenced, horn-infused delights float around your head like the last rays of a spring sun.

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Aphelion Editions

EMEI - EMEIStraight out of Bristol’s thriving underground comes this forty-minute slice of unnerving ambience from EMEI, AKA Louise Brady. Vexing her inner witch, this fine example of tonal paganism more than matches the haunting abstractions that package it all up.

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