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Freq could not have happened without the following contributors:

Anton Allen; David Bainbridge; James Barry; Jim Bennett; Karen Bergeon; Clare Bevan; Cheryl Booth; Jonny Cashunut; Andrew CleggTony CollinsSeth Cooke; David Cotner; Deuteronemu 90210; Paul Donnelly; Justin Farrington; Maryna Fontenoy; Freq1C; Zoe Gillard; Grufty Jim; Gyrus; Ben Guiver; Ben Haggar; Frankie Harmonia; Ben Hell; Olly Hewitt; Daniel Alexander Hignell; Alan Holmes; Chrissi Howell; Iotar; Trevor Alan JollyMedwyn Jones; Elaine Kingett; Sean Kitching; Dag Luterek; Loki; Stuart Low; Mahalia; Tim Marsh; Antron S. Meister; Leon Muraglia; Alice Nevermore; Kev Nickells; Lilly Novak; Jason Oliver; Andy Oram; Gary Parsons; Mink Pelican; Kyle Perfect; Alaric Pether; Dave Pettit; Alex Pym; Michael Rodham-Heaps; Richie Ruchpaul; Manfred ScholidoAndrea ShamlouHaunted Shoreline; J Simpson; David Solomons; James Sting; Emerson Tan; Linus Tossio; Tango-Mango; Agata Urbaniak; Ronny Wærnes; James Welburn; Andy Wilson; Pete Woodhead; Arwen XaverineBarnabas Y; Nancy Zerabny and others.

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