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Freq is dedicated to the memories of friends and artists who have inspired us collectively and individually, and who have died during our own years on the web:

  • Bryn Jones of Muslimgauze;
  • Drum & bass stalwart DJ Kemistry;
  • Dub maestro Augustus Pablo;
  • Teenage Rioter Carl Crack;
  • elliptical poet Andy Fairley;
  • arch-Loon Screaming Lord Sutch;
  • the not-quite-absent Septimus 7;
  • faddest of gadgets Frank Tovey;
  • intrepid voyager Gareth Williams of This Heat;
  • beloved Can guitar genius Michael Karoli;
  • harmonious Stereolab assistant Mary Hansen;
  • electronic pioneer Oskar Sala;
  • the very spirit of Popul Vuh himself, Florian Fricke;
  • outsider supreme Wesley Willis;
  • punkest of punk rockers Joey Ramone;
  • the greatest Man in Black yet, Johnny Cash;
  • Studio One founder Coxsone Dodd;
  • original Silver Apples drummer Danny Taylor;
  • Kaddish composer Richard Wolfson;
  • interstellar explorer Alice Coltrane;
  • Amon Düül II drummer Peter Leopold;
  • Faustian instigator Uwe Nettelbeck;
  • freakout tonsured banjo Monk, Dave Day;
  • NEU! man and boiler-suited hero, Klaus Dinger;
  • Multi-track inventor and guitar-maker Les Paul;
  • Pelt man and Dr Ragtime himself, Jack Rose;
  • Birthday Party boy, Roland S Howard;
  • The very Captain himself, Don van Vliet;
  • Tangerine Dreamer Conrad Schnitzler;
  • Anshu Asthana, Triplanetary space cowboy;
  • counterculture author and musician Mick Farren;
  • pedal-mangler extraordinary Leee Nite;
  • the original pot-head pixie and camebert extraordinaire, Daevid Allen;
  • artist, sculptor and audio mind-melter Graham Bowers;
  • master improviser Ornette Coleman;
  • the very embodiments of rock AND roll, Philthy Phil Taylor and the inimitable, seemingly indestructible imbiber Lemmy Kilminster;
  • The Starman Who Fell to Earth, David Bowie;
  • ghost rider Alan Vega;
  • space whisperer Gilli Smyth;
  • the very purple Prince;
  • Jaki Liebezeit, drummer extraordinaire and radio wave surfer Holger Czukay;
  • Mika Vainio, all the sound, all the bass… Pan Sonic.
  • and activist, DJ, bon viveur and friend, Gilly X.

These special dedications are made: to Robert Calvert; whose Freq album provided an inspiration for the name of the site; to the sadly missed alchemical spirits of Jhonn Balance of Coil and Peter “Sleazy” Christopherson of Coil and Throbbing Gristle; to the sparkling pioneer spirit of Dieter Moebius of Cluster, Harmonia and innumerable collaborations; and to John Peel, who for so many of the artists featured on this site and those of us who write it was a guiding spark into the furthest reaches of new and undiscovered music. Rest peacefully; but not in silence. The future has also been brightened considerably by Alice Andromeda; Frankie Harmonia; Augie Leon and Duncan Bennett; who are showing signs of transcending noise in their own different ways.

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