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Chicaloyoh / Terrine / Twin (live at Café Kino)

21 August 2015

Loved the way Twin‘s guitars seemed to shimmer in your mind’s eye like a hazy mirage. A spectre of voice weaving through as lush loops were overlaid in trebling ascents. Endlessly changing, channelling, dusted in a candle-lit intimacy of curling chords caught in a Fursaxa-like beguile. A sound that climbed into scythed skylines and collapsed in radiating waves. A delicate and dreamy apparition that exploded in applause.

Next were angular tantrums of guitar and screaming vox, noisy post-punk shenanigans under the moniker of Terrine (aka Claire Gapenne) to a backing of fucked-up sparks and trashed percussions. She was a box of total surprises that just kept giving fractured with awesome curves of guitar’n’wailing pedals. A blissful, bruising squeezing in an altogether mellower diversion, a surprise brassware addition that gave me TG Fanni Tutti shivers smeared in kettling drumscapes before wasping back to more noisy enthusiasms . Interested parties should throw their attentions to her bandcamp or venture further afield with the related no-wave(((isms))) of the Cousteau Twins.

Terrine at Café Kino 2015

Chicaloyoh at Café Kino 2015

The lights were lowered for the last act, a witchy concoction called Chicaloyoh. Her equipment perched on a red velveteen shroud, below which a shrine of deities were pin-picked in tea lights. Her Nico(esque) dronals seemed to pierce the gloom beautifully, pinned to skuttering beats that reminded me of Danielle Dax in places, as those loose rhythmic folds hungrily ate into the ritualised delivery.

Curling vocals seemed to haunt the battlements of each song like a screech-less Diamanda Galás. Fallen angels of French baptised in lush keyboards that wavered between pop, psych and something altogether more unquantifiable.

-Michael Rodham-Heaps-

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