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Dieter Moebius – Nidemonex

More Than Human

Dieter Moebius – NidemonexThis latest transmission from Moebius finds him pushing further at the boundaries of an idiosyncratic take on electronic rhythm-based music which have often characterised his solo recordings and rummaging deeper into the swirling vortices of synthesized experimentalism that he helped pioneer in the ’70s as part of Cluster. “Inmedin” is the piece most resembling the former output, all twinkling electronic bells and chimes over a ponderous bassy rhythm which slurs ominously among the desertified synths which glide around and above with more than slightly sinister intent. It’s beyond ambient and into the atmospheric, an ominous lurker winding up like a shaman setting up for a long haul ahead at the rumbling threshold of consciousness.

Bleakest of all is the ponderoulsy squittery dub yet not-dub of “Zytos,” the shivers, rippled samples and splatters of distended and dirtified electronica and slurred words almost inevitably calling the esoteric machinations of Coil (upon whom, perhaps inevitably, Cluster were an undoubted influence) to mind. Its gradual dissection of the sounds from any semblance of musicality into brittle electronic concrète prefaces the looping noisescape of “Xenos,” where ominous bass tones linger in blank  measures while the descent into electronic chaos unfolds like an unstoppable slow-motion production line accident at the synthesizer factory. Thrubbling interjections struggle bravely to make rhythmic sense, but it’s almost like Moebius’ machines have rebelled, setting up their own breakaway republic of free rhythm in perverse opposition to what pesky humans might consider to be regular and pleasing.

-Linus Tossio-


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