Drew McDowall and Hiro Kone – The Ghost of Georges Bataille EP

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Drew McDowall and Hiro Kone - The Ghost of Georges BatailleA merry dance of yin and yang that finds Drew McDowall draping the canvas with his trademark shadowplay , slumberous contours for Hiro Kone to throw over her modular light and broken trinkets as both scoop at a secret melodic heart.

The arterial clout and marbling spray of “Barely Awake” that hovers there in a flux of crooked synopsis . An essence the sensory fantastesque of “Dreaming Is Nursed In Darkness” kernels. Its dirgey fabric dynamically dappled in robotic raptures and processed voles that scupper in spinning coinage and cross-hatched rhomboids. Symphonically slanted electrodes easing out in ghostly gossamer.

That dark and cavernous nature of “Bright Kiss Of Fire” is a blur of boundaries, shooting from a Test Department-like anxiety, easing over to an awkward scarecrow pimply with flicker-flushed zither. With the last and best unison of “Violence’s Detour”, a symbiotic shimmer bleating out a storming coldwave homage. Noisy couriers that scenically stab at a Depeche Mode-deconstruct oozing with wounded wonder. Where Georges Bataille‘s ghost figures in all this isn’t quite clear; but then again, I’m no expert having only ever read his Story Of The Eye, a novella which, to be honest, would struggle to be soundtracked.

-Michael Rodham-Heaps-

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