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E.A.R. – All Things Being Equal


Experimental Audio Research - All Things Being EqualA hyper-collectible one-sided ‘hybrid vinyl’ you say? *strokes non-beard* What curious engine is this? *bug-eyed lunatic face / “Soylent Green is people!”* Well, it’s got meaty black vinyl on the audio side and the usual slack-jawed picture-disc vinyl on the other – AKA this is what Leibniz was referring to when he uttered under his wig “Die beste aller möglichen Welten” (“the best of all possible worlds”).

This is the first E.A.R. release since 2005’s Worn To A Shadow and, to tell the truth, not much has changed. He’s still got drone and he’s still up there amongst the greatest exponents of the genre and he’s still got that unfathomable humchattering Spacemen 3 sound in amongst it all; it’s like an alien presence, lurking in the studio, looming like an Egyptian god.

This is beautiful and unusual and not in the least cruel; it sounds like the drugs are still wanting to come through; they’re streaming through the windows like light; they might even be riding photons. There’s really very little to say; if you’ve followed Pete Kember’s career as Sonic Boom you’ll already know that this was coming; you can hear it in the slow trails between the notes in the long version of “Transparent Radiation” and he’s kept at it (or, more likely, it’s kept at him). This is slow and transcendental. It is swirling and just a little fogfucked.

It sounds like a rainbow.


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