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Felix Kubin Und Das Mineralorchester – II: Music For Film And Theatre


Felix Kubin Und Das Mineralorchester - Music for Film and Theatre

Starts very Steven Stapleton-like with a manic woman in full-on polka-dot phobia jabbering like some Echo Poeme cut-up, well versed in disturbing vocal spikes. The next track leaping towards some brume-like contact play, electroacoustic grit in the psychic ointment. A disconcerting churn caught on a glass-rim hum diving the industrial before dipped into a dichotomy of digitised distress.

This LP chronicles Felix Kubin‘s second set of film and theatre works, and it foxtrots your headspace with a baffling dexterity. Exploiting the imaginary in scattered suspense, those sinister neoclassical gaits and clockwork crocodiles. The splintered danceabilities that excite, perplex. Beats callipered in textural-geists and Pyrolator chintz, that cross-cut and dazzle. Never a dull moment.

The industrialised wonder of “Sztylet”, its mechanised rhythmics — back-stabbed in egg wire and ceramic percussives — chiming a solid noir-like splash of zero set elastics. Thumping abbreviations with Slavic sultriness leaking through the tensile.

Any potential po-faced geekiness dispersing on Playstation gunfire and arcade mash ups. “Menuett I” hobby-crafting the 8-bit day-glo harpiscords, the pixelated teddybears’ picnic of “Traumtanz” giving out plenty of playful directions. All ending as mysteriously as it started on the ill-balanced spurtiness of copulating cartoons and snipping scissors.

An enjoyable jaunt of  sonic athletics this, twisting the atmospheric with the smarting lemon of wide-eyed wonder.

-Michael Rodham-Heaps-

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