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Four Tet – Thirtysixtwentyfive

Label: Output Format: CDS, 2×12″

 Four Tet ‎– Thirtysixtwentyfive The first non-compilation solo release from Fridge’s Kieran Hebden is a one-track single (cunningly presented in DJ-friendly style as two one-sided 12-inches) whose title reflects its length – even if the CD does register various lengths on different players. Smoothly slipping from motorik breakbeats to fast beats, with a selection of instruments and samples flowing over the top of it all, ambient-style. Given the extended space to develop, the combination of sound sources Hebden deploys shift and slide over each other quite nicely, usually following the main sample loop, though with the occasional diversion.

Hardly seeming to last as long as it actually does, Thirtysixtwentyfive rarely outstays its welcome and uses the moderately restricted palette of samples to good effect through gentle variation rather than brute eclecticism, even if the amusing change of tone in the last five minutes does jar just a little bit.

-Antron S. Meister-

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