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Franck Vigroux – Centaure

Cosmo Rhythmatic

Franck Vigroux – CentaureWith “2024” blasting straight down to business like Pan Sonic at their grittiest and crunchiest, Centaure finds Franck Vigroux a very long way away from his guitar extrapolations and explorations (such as the recently-released Ciment). Instead, he’s got electronic beats to flay and some serious noise to bring on three tracks and a remix which will effectively sandpaper any soundsystem they grace and most likely render any nearby dancefloors well and truly scourged, quite probably in a biblical sense.

“Vesuve” could easily give Atari Teenage Riot some aggro, though as it’s (brutally) instrumental, the nihilistic attitude can be content to be implied and delivered through the force of the chunky rhythms rather than needing to be screamed in situationist slogans, everything carried forward by humongous percussion and scalding synth streaks.

Label host Shapednoise reworks “Centaure” into a hissing, pounding monstrosity, a lumbering behemoth spitting steam and heavy technoid ire and letting anything which runs across its path know just who’s got the force and is determined to use it. The original title track is no less punishing, letting rip tearing basslines, horripiating analogue trills and spitting with venomous arsequake intensity like Berlin techno used to when the likes of Basic Channel ruled the squat party floor.

-Antron S Meister-

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