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Frank Iero And The Patience – Parachutes


Frank Iero And The Patience - ParachutesFrnkiero and the cellabration are reborn under a new name. Familiar and new at the same time, this album shares some things with its predecessor, but is completely different too. Rawer vocals, more chaos: Parachutes is an album that will not go unheard, and will resonate in the minds of those who hear it.

Screams, heavy guitars and static are what make “World Destroyer” a song that leaves a mark. Navigating slower and faster parts, this track gives the listener a taste of what is to come, with a beat that gets under your skin and screams that follow you, this track is truly unforgettable, hooking you to the album and leaving you wanting more. Growly and chaotic, “Veins! Veins!! Veins!!!” is a needle that injects itself into you, and you crave another fix. Close your eyes and lose yourself in this song. More similiar to the sounds of Stomachaches from this band’s previous pseudonym, with an almost infantile side mixed with a heavy rolling beat, Frank Iero’s ever-present haunting yowling expressing an unidentifiable emotion that is almost trance-like.

“I’m A Mess”, which takes its name from Sid Vicious‘s infamous pin badge (which Frank was given a replica of by a fan) is a song that really incorporates the messes that form inside our minds. Constantly questioning ourselves and what we are, whose fault it is, not entirely sure what’s going on — this is what a mess sounds like. “They Wanted Darkness…” follows, and that’s what they got. It’s slower than the previous tracks, but the lyrics and heavy bass are just as dark as the beginning of the record. Slowly picking up the pace, rage builds inside as the beat gets faster, finally breaking into defiance-filled screams, and then slowing down into feedback and distorted voices in another reminder of the band’s previous album.

BANG! and the upbeat introduction of “I’ll Let You Down” comes in, slowing slightly into gravelly vocals with an unidentifiable familiarity. A few of those all-pervasive screams, changing into heart-wrenching singing filled with nostalgia, coming down hard from an ultimate high. Going from screeching despair to nostalgia and back again, and finishing with the laughs and whoops of this band contradicting the negative feeling from the song; and when will Frank Iero’s laugh fail to bring a smile to my face? Never. It’s famous among his fan base for being contagious.

Echoey and with a country vibe, The Patience take a dab at a very different style from what we’re used to hearing from them, but of course with their own spin on it. Heavy lyrics and heart-shattering vocals make this song a sad one. Unsure and hesitant, not wanting to leave and not knowing what’s about to happen are feelings we all know and “Miss Me” gives them a voice, continuing the slower vibes in the introduction until a faster beat and anger work their way in until they take over entirely, with yet more ever-present screams.

Translating the feeling of a breakdown, holding it together, negativity slipping inside the locked doors and gaining more power; and then the screams come, howling back at the world outside the space we make to protect ourselves, but our past catches up, and we are terrified and angered, hysterical almost; then giving in, giving in to the love we thought we needed protecting from, but in reality we can’t live without. This is “Oceans”, a veritable sea of emotions. Released early to thank fans for their support after the band’s terrifying bus crash, this song bizarrely came to represent the oceans of love going back and forth between the group and the fans.

“Parachutes are life-saving devices”, as Iero observes, slowing falls; and that’s what this album does, for the band themselves and anyone else who needs it. Filled with a plethora of emotions, the record is an outlet for ridding yourself of negativity and making space for positivity — a characteristic of most, if not all of Frank’s work with his many bands; each unique, but all remaining familiar.

Also, best wishes to Frank and his bandmates in these hard times; we all hope you all come out of this and get well soon: we’ll stick with you, no matter what. XOXO.

-Frankie Harmonia-

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