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Fridge – Kinoshita Teraska

Label: Go Beat Format: CDS,12″

Fridge - Kinoshita TeraskaHaving set up their own studio with all the creative freedom that allows, Fridge seem to be heading outwards further from their alleged post-Rock roots into the realms of cluttered Electronica, and as with Kieran Hebden‘s side project Four Tet their HipHop, jazz and even easy tendencies have more room to breathe. Kinoshita Teraska is split into two tracks, each having half the name, and while the move from four-track recording can make for improved sound quality, there’s always the danger that the temptation tung use the available technology for it’s own sake will kick in.

“Kinoshita” is a groovy little number, shortish but quite direct – it’s the slower, extended build-up of “Teraska” which shows the interplay of the band off to better advantage, as synths bubbles and percolate over the slightly functioanl drums while the guitar line moves from noodling drift into repetitive patterns of hypnotic intent. There’s even some French Horn discordancy going on at one point (is this the influence of Holger Czukay?) as well as muted trumpets, and by the track end it’s all become quite nicely plastered across the metronomic undercarriage, which falls away into watery blips and a rattling klang of what sounds almost exactly like a drum solo.

-Antron S. Meister-

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