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Gum Takes Tooth – Buried Fires


Gum Takes Tooth - Buried FiresBlending shimmery blurs of electronics with West African-derived polyrhythmic loops and swerves, this taster from the forthcoming album from drum-loving noiseniks Gum Takes Tooth shimmies and shakes with a deftly-assured sway, ripples of synth and coasting vocal drones layered sparsely over and around the hypnotically-intertwining beats. If this is anything to judge by, then Mirrors Fold should be quite the LP to both satisfy the body and befuddle the brain.

It’s also no great surprise to find that singular exponent of harsh industrial grind turned rhythm enthusiast  Cut Hands remixing the track on the the flipside of the 7″ vinyl either. Here, William Bennett applies his own particular brand of faux-Afro-futurism to the track, drawing out booming bass and metallic clangour from the get-go, delivering a track which surges and shudders on siren wails of distended drones shot forth into spears of spluttering noise that make it seem constantly like the track is on the verge of exploding into frenetic activity. Though the promised deliverance never quite arrives — and while not as harsh as some of his own releases — “Buried Fires” takes on a satisfyingly weighty heft in Bennett’s hands.

-Antron S Meister-

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