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KK Null & Ore – Components of Circulation/Dawn of Time


KK Null & OreHaving played together at the Supersonic festival and with one joint CDr already under their collective (metal-studded?) belts, Zeni Geva‘s mainman KK Null and post-tuba drone duo Ore slip out this double A-side 7” vinyl single as a little extra, perhaps and hopefully prefacing more joint efforts yet to come.

While “Components of Circulation” is as doomy and droney as might be expected (and that’s not meant in any way to be dismissive), “Dawn of Time” lets fly an extremely pleasant combination of birdsong layered into a cacophony of the air over a slow-breathing whirl of mid-to-low tones. Eventually, these fold in upon themselves and slowly overcome the recognisable avian voices and subsume them into an eventually all-congealing wash of recursive FX.

-Linus Tossio-

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