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Kling Klang – The Superposition EP

Label: Rock Action Format: 12″,CDS

Three tracks, barely eleven minutes in total and more accomplished than an hour of almost any other band you choose to name. The five piece Kling Klang – the original core trio of Joe McLaughlin , Amy Corcoran and Dave Smyth with Ali McDonald‘s drumming and Peter Smyth filling out the keyboard ranks – are a force to be reckoned with. The band have a genuine love of their chosen weapons: cheap keyboards from the Eighties, monstrous organs, guitar stomp boxes; but also a Punk pop sensibility and an ear for a hook like nobody’s business. Neither Metal nor Avant Garde but something that combines the accomplishments of the two.

The Superposition appears from left field, and before we know what has hit us, we’re eye-deep in “Heavydale”. The opening track of Liverpool space punk band Kling Klang’s third single, does exactly what it says on the tin. It follows the well-known thermodynamic principle that anything that is fast must eventually become heavy. The nasal, resonant keyboard figure – an accelerative principle driven by Ali’s tight fast, drum workout – drills its way into the skull and it stays there: you’ll hear it pounding through your synapses for ever after. But it’s the way that the fugal repetitions of this theme are reined in by an awful gravity, neutronium density and an air-punching heaviness: “Heavydale”, quite literally, rocks!

And then we are into the “Superposition”: a low resolution throb of moir�cycles, the closed inner sanctum of a foreign particle regime. This is like Magma without the Jazz – something awful and huge, a cyclopean, monolithic giant from a fallen undersea city. But with their customary lack of self-indulgence it’s all over in less than three minutes and we’re back out into the wide open interstellar spaces with the Kraftwerk-ish “Radium”. And it’s all keyboard flourishes and vorticist flying machines until Joe muscles in with a massive guitar line that drives us riffing through the firmament. All there is to do after that is play it again from the beginning.

Five fucking stars!


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