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Krautzone – Kosmische Rituale


Krautzone – Kosmische RitualeA beautiful-looking release from Sulatron Records, this cosmic slab has three massive planet-sized tracks on it. The album is a collaboration between Electric Moon members Sula Bassana and Komet Lulu and Zone Six members Modulfix and Rainer Neef. These improvisations from Krautzone are pure kosmische soundtracks to outer space travelling.

“Liebe” starts off with some moody synth playing and a very laid-back vibe that lets you drift away on its beautiful atmosphere. Imagine staring at the full moon from a beach and the stars hurtling overhead, and you get an idea of its groove. Drums are steady and remind me somewhat of Steve Jansen at times, especially as they get slightly more tribal. Onkel Kaktus‘ bass is steady and helps the whole rhythm gain a rolling pace, so that when the lead guitar begins to soar it gives it a good solid ground to return to. The track is like the tribal beat of distant spheres as they hurtle through the void.

“Kosmische Rituale” starts with a slightly more aggressive synth tone as the guitar gives us Syd Barrett-style gliss guitar peaks that drift off in to the deep distance. The drums scatter around whilst a steady drone continues beneath. The guitar picks up a slightly more militant sound as the ritual dance begins to take off and the trees begin to hum with dark magic. Synth bleeps raises the power up into the skies, maybe in an offering to ancient gods.

“Only Fools Rush In” begins very early Pink Floyd-like, with cymbals crashing over a sustained synth note and the guitar playing an Arabic-style fugue at points. Wibbling synthesizer pushes the boundaries beyond Earth as the drums start their steadfast march onwards. Listening to this track, I was reminded of a night I spent alone at the Luxor temple in Egypt, a soft light filtered through the columns in the main part of the site. Within a few moments, the great carved features of pharaohs past and their gods sprang to life from wall reliefs and giant statues. This was a sacred place, a meeting between Earth-bound mortals and the cosmos.

This track would have made a great soundtrack for that night. It sounds both pagan and otherworldly as steady rhythms build and fall and the guitar playing becomes an ode to the heathen deities on a warm summer’s night, twenty minutes of wonderful psychedelic music that transports you to special places in your mind’s eye. It would be wonderful to see it performed live. By the time it ends, your journey feels complete and you can relax in the sound of the spheres as they pass quietly overhead.

The album is released in a limited edition vinyl-only package and is a must-buy for all travellers to places unknown, and is certainly on my list for my next vinyl must-have.

-Gary Parsons-

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