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Kreidler – Coldness

Label: KiffSM/PIAS Format: 12″, CDS

Kreidler - Coldness Taking the only track from Kreidler‘s Appearance And The Park album to feature vocals, Mute‘s Daniel Miller adopts his Sunroof persona in collaboration with Gareth Jones to reconfigure the track in decidedly Eighties style – all arpeggiating FM keyboards and synth stylings – to initially amusing, then relaxingly suave effect, revisted on the slightly extended instrumental version which substitues analougue squiggles for the vocal line. Shantel provide a more propulsive Nineties take on the track, even overdubbing extra vocals from Liane Sommers to a slippery breakbeat and bass undertow, with Electro handclaps and a cowbell interlude to boot before heading off into funk-dub territory.

Kreidler slip in a couple of versions themselves, the laid-back “Velocity Mix” vignette from April + Clyne (Thomas Klein and Andreas Reihse) and a rinsed-out instrumental “In Cold Dub” from the full group, completing a quintet of varied mixes of this surprisingly jaunty, even poppy, song from a group more noted for their extended Electronica tendencies.

-Antron S. Meister-

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